Friday, October 30, 2009

Tis the Season: Halloween

Today we finished making our preparations for Halloween. We don't really do a whole lot for Halloween, but there are a few traditions that are important to us! This morning I made her a little Trick or Treat bag. We do not plan on doing that much trick or treating this year since she is so little so this was just the right size! I took a lunch sack, some orange and black letters I had from other projects, and some black yarn. I think it turned out pretty cute considering it was free and took very little time!

Today Jessica and I also carved a Jack-o-lantern! Jessica seemed to have a good time although at times she was not so sure what to make of it!

Finally, I finished her costume earlier this week. She is going as a Miami Indian. Halloween costumes are really a pretty big deal to me. I like to make good, quality costumes that can be worn throughout the year because we love to play dress up!! I spent about $20, most of which was the fabric. I had to buy a little ribbon, some beads, thread, etc, but the most expensive part by far was the fabric! We had some moccasins that had belonged to my husband when he was a baby so we used those for her shoes! She was not so sure what to think about it at first, but she seems to think it is alright now! I will post more pictures tomorrow from trick or treating, but here are some pictures from when she wore her costume to dance class!

Not the best shot of Jessica, but you can see all of the costume! If you remember I also bead the belt!

Jessica with her best friend whose mom made her a peacock costume!


  1. I really like your trick or treat bag! So much better than the plastic jack o lanterns that you have to throw away or store all year.

  2. Thank you! This one unfortunately had a rather short life due to the excited hands of a little 21 month old I know! :-) BUT it did last through trick or treating!