Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fun with Scott and Ashley!

We had a wonderful time with Scott and Ashley this weekend!! Ashley made her wonderful Shrimp Pasta (among other things), and Scott did the dishes! It was pretty chilly so they did not get to enjoy the beach as much as they would have liked; however, we did go to the Gulfarium! It was a lot of fun, and Jessica really enjoyed herself!!

The sea lion kissed the dolphin at the multi-species show.

Jessica thought that was great fun!

The sea lion and the dolphin waved good-bye.

We all had to wave good-bye too!

There was a lot of different tanks to see! They also had several shows put on throughout the day. There was a sting ray feeding session right after the multi-species show, but we decided to fore go that one! There was also a very shallow tank where you could pick up the animals! However, Jessica's favorite part was a small room with 5 cages for birds. Jessica LOVES birds!!! The Gulfarium was rather expensive; however, since our zoo closed, the Gulfarium may be a good place to a pass to next year!

Ashley bought some sunglasses in the gift shop, and Jessica wore them all the way home!

We had a really good time hanging out with Scott and Ashley! Jessica absolutely LOVES Aunt Ashley! At one point Ashley was in the guest room, and Scott was in the bathroom. Jessica thought Ashley was in the bathroom so she went to the door, squatted down to look under the door, and said, "Ash-wee!!" When that didn't work, she got up and started banging on the door! Ashley also asked Jessica if she needed to go potty. Jessica went to her potty, sat down, and peed all by herself!!!!!! Now I just have to figure out a way to get Scott and Ashley to move down here!!!!

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