Thursday, October 1, 2009

Front Porch Friday: Fun with Friends!

This week we have been spending a lot of time with friends!! Having spent almost 12 hours every weekday mostly by myself for the last couple years, I really appreciate having friends to spend time with during the day! No moment in time lasts forever, so it is important to savor the truly wonderful things in life while you have them! One of our friends is contemplating moving to a nearby town. It will be so sad to not have them right down the street, but we are enjoying the time we have!

Enjoying dance class with some of our friends!

Jessica's best friend

Jessica taking a very brief break from moving!

Trying out the new Ankle Bells!

"Hanging out" while running errands with friends!

My seat buddy....Jessica was too busy climbing the walls!


All of us riding the cart through Wal-mart!!

We did have one small problem at Wal-mart. Both little girls were in the blue seats. Then Jessica decided it would be great fun to hit her friend. (I think it is because we made it into a game when she would do it to us so she thinks it is fun to do to other people.....oops!) I moved Jessica to the top seat for time-out. Then she started swinging her legs and accidentally kicking her friend! That is how we arrived at the seating arrangment pictured above!! This week we also went walking and to the Open Gym! Maybe we can get in the pool tomorrow!

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