Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Special Visitors from the East

Jessica with Mark and his parents

Today we had a full day! I had a doctor's appointment this morning, which we were a little late to because I didn't hear the alarm! Then we hurried on over to the next town to meet a friend who was passing through town with his parents for lunch!

Jessica, Me, and Mark sitting in the children's rocking chairs at Cracker Barrel.

I met guess it was 13 years ago when he visited a mutual friend of ours from England (where Mark is from). We have kept in touch (sometimes better than others) ever since. I got to meet his parents today, and they are both very nice and friendly, much like Mark. His parents will be staying nearby on their way back for a week later this month. Hopefully we will have the opportunity to go to dinner with them!

Jessica having a good time rocking!

Jessica did very well at Cracker Barrel, and we had a nice time visiting, although Jessica was a little busy checking out her surroundings (including the man seated behind us who had on an apparently very cool Bass Pro shirt on)! We ran some errands after we said goodbye to Mark and his parents, and then Jessica came home and attempted a nap. It's been about an hour and a half now, and while she hasn't made too much noise, she is still showing no signs of going to sleep....again! I am really hoping she starts napping again soon, but my mother says that I quit taking naps about this age so I am a little afraid that this may be the end of naps for Jessica. If this proves to be true over the next several weeks, we will have to instigate reading time so that I can keep my sanity!!!!

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