Sunday, October 25, 2009

Trying to Beat Nausea

I usually end up feeling nauseated the entire time I am pregnant; however, it usually lightens up some after the first three months. On the bright side, I have a very strong stomach, so although I feel awful I rarely vomit! (There is a bright side to everything....sometimes you just have to look for it a little harder!) Here are a few things I have tried to do to help fight nausea:

1) Go out to eat. Far better to be repulsed by a restaurant than your own cooking!

2) Prepare dinner in a crock-pot and plug it up outside!

3) Prepare quick prepackaged dinners.

4) Wear a mask when you cook to block out smells.

5) Sleep through it.

6) Drink lots of gatorade (feeling nauseated and dehydrated is not a good combination!)

7) Eat whatever sounds good, whenever it sounds good!

8) Avoid things that don't appeal to you or make you feel worse.

9) Remember that feeling nauseated is often associated with a healthy pregnancy.

10) If it gets to the point that you can't keep food down, get some medication from the doctor.

11) If you have other children, get some prepackaged items that don't require prep-work for lunch!

12) If dealing with cloth diapers bothers you, wear a mask or switch to disposables (this did not work for us....Jessica ended up breaking out into a heat rash).

13) Hang on. It can't last forever!


  1. I had really bad morning sickness for a couple of months during my pregnancy. I tried everything (crackers before getting out of bed, etc) and could not keep anything down. My doctor never gave me medicine for it, although now thinking about it I may never have told him quite how bad it was. But right at the very end of the morning sickness I ate some pretzels and was able to keep them down and it took the nausea away. I think it was the next week the morning sickness was gone though, go figure lol

  2. It seems like the first time you experience something the learning curve is a little slow! :-)