Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Fun, Free, and Educational Activity for Kids!

Today Jessica and I decided to go to Lowe's for our morning outing! I know most people probably don't see Lowe's as the place for a child's morning outing. However, I have discovered that it makes for a fun, free, and educational activity for kids, and your house won't get dirty!!!

We started out with a ride on a John Deer lawnmower!

Next we tried out all of the patio furniture!

We have discovered that the swings are great fun!

Then we opened all the cabinets in the kitchen section.

....And all of the drawers!

She was quite curious to know what a bidet was!

She also had great fun with the faucets....don't worry....I explained to her that they are cantilever beams!

She also enjoyed being allowed to play in the toilets....FINALLY!!

We also had to check out the showers!

All of the different colors and textures on the tile samples were quite interesting!

No trip to Lowe's is complete without a visit to the drawer pulls!!

Finally, on our way out we stopped to rock in the rocking chairs!

w do you see what I mean about Lowe's being a fun, free, and educational activity for kids? It is the perfect activity no matter what the weather! How does Lowe's feel about us turning their store into a playground you ask? Actually, they have been wonderfully accommodating! I frequently have sales representatives stopping to talk to us and telling us about the children's projects they do on Saturdays!

Lowe's knows it is in their best interest to be family-friendly. Not only will parents be more likely to make trips to Lowe's with their children, but when those children grow up, they will remember Lowe's as the place Mom and Dad went to get all the things they needed for projects around the house! Lowe's makes a point of investing in the future of DIY projects by teaching people of all ages different skills to help them become more self-sufficient!

Disclaimer: I am not paid in any way to advertise for Lowe's. I just like our local Lowe's that much!!!

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