Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Maternity Clothes

Probably the number one thing I have the most trouble with while pregnant (other than not being able to push anything without getting sick) is figuring what to wear with my constantly changing shape. I am NOT very good at matching clothes...AT ALL....even when I stay the same size!! I also find it challenging because the way my body is I will carry every child really really low, which also means I will carry them straight out in front.

Me 7 months pregnant with Jessica beginning to outgrow the last of my maternity tops.

Although they now carry cute maternity clothes, they are very expensive and are made to fit people of an average size who grow proportionally. Seriously??? What woman can describe herself as an average size AND manages to grow proportionally throughout her pregnancy?!??! During my last pregnancy I out grew the large sized maternity clothes (which fit like a sack) by about month 7. The rest of the pregnancy I ended up wearing XL and XXL sized clothing (which also fit like a sack) because it was the only thing that would cover my gargantuan belly! Is it any wonder that I did not feel particularly good about how I looked, especially with strangers coming up to me and making comments about my size?? (Seriously...the gas station, the grocery store, restaurants...)

Me the week Jessica was born in my husband's XL t-shirt and below the belly maternity pants.

This time around I know what to expect, and I am bound and determined to feel good about how I look! Thursday I am going on a mission to the Motherhood Maternity Outlet to find some dresses that can be worn over leggings. I figure this would manage to cover my gargantuan belly till the very end! Apparently, this style is on its way out, so I need to get over there and buy some of whatever they have left. (From what I understand, they plan to bring back the 80's. Is it just me or was that a bad idea the first time around?!?!?!?!?!) As long as I can find one or two dresses that would work, I could always make more. I also had a friend who just finished with her maternity clothes who offered to let me use some of hers. That will be nice since I don't have a lot of winter maternity clothes and she does!

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