Friday, October 16, 2009

Front Porch Friday: Extra Special Visitors!

Today my wonderful brother and sister-in-law, Scott and Ashley, came to visit us! I am so excited to have them here with us for a long weekend!!!!!! (Seriously, you have NO idea!) We have a lot of excitement happening around here this next week so it is nice to have them around to dote on Jessica and cook Ashley's awesome Shrimp Pasta (among other things)!!!! They used to come down a lot while I was pregnant with Jessica, and they always cooked for us and did all the dishes!! They got a free place to stay near the beach so it worked out well for everyone! They have always been so thoughtful, and we always enjoy hanging out with them!! (Seriously, we really enjoy having them visit, not just because they often cook and do dishes!)

Scott and Ashley hanging out at our house after their long drive!

We are planning to go to a stargazing event put on by a local astronomy group this weekend, but other than that it should be pretty quiet around here! It will be a bit of a relief after this past week. Jessica started refusing to take naps until Thursday and completely wore her poor mother out! I also tried putting her in disposable diapers for part of the week because of some other things we had going on around our house (more about that later), and she got an awful diaper rash! Thankfully, we finally have that almost under control. On the whole we are looking forward to a very pleasant weekend and an enjoyable visit with Scott and Ashley (Jessica will especially enjoy that part!).

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