Thursday, October 8, 2009

Front Porch Friday: Time with Daddy

David is off Friday through Monday!!! We are very excited about getting to spend some extra time with him!! We are also planning to see some friends from out of town Sunday night! This weekend also means project time for me and David. I have an order to fill on Etsy, and I desperately need to work on Jessica's Halloween costume! I will share more about that next week! David is starting in on a few Christmas presents this week. I will need to work on some Christmas presents once I am done getting ready for Halloween!

Next week we will be having company! A friend of mine from England will be coming through with his parents for lunch one day, and my brother and his wife will be staying with us that weekend!! Overall, a lot of excitement around our house in the coming weeks including a few surprises and hopefully lots of pictures!!!

We had a good week this week! We helped a friend work on her peacock costume for Halloween. It is coming along quite well!! (I was a little unsure, but she is very creative!) Jessica is becoming more and more verbal! (She is usually more interested in how things work than words!) We also went to the Open Gym and dance class. I had someone at the dance class say, "You never know she might be a little engineer." She did not know my husband was an engineer, but she said that you can always tell which kids have parents that are engineers! My cousin also called this week and said, "I hope one day I am half the parent you are!" This absolutely made my week! However, I am now beginning to think I may have misrepresented myself on my blog!!!


  1. I think Drew & Jessica may SOMEHOW be related. LOL. Drew is also much more interested in how things work rather than verbal skills. It doesn't bother me because I know by the time he's in college, he'll be able to speak well, but he doesn't say as many words as other kids his age. He loves sitting down with an item and taking it apart (and recently, putting it back together.) Who knows? We might have an engineer as well!

  2. LOL...I have had the same thought! Now if they just develop an absolute love for math then we will know for sure! Most of the time the lack of verbal skills doesn't bother me, but sometimes if someone acts like it must be because I don't read to her or talk to her, THEN it bothers me. I know she is smart and that I am doing a good job as a parent, but sometimes it seems intelligence and how good of a job you do as a parent is related to how verbal your child is or how early they learn to read.