Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Last year we took Jessica to a couple friends' houses to trick or treat. This year we did the same thing, but we also went around the neighborhood a little with some of our friends!

Jessica was not quite sure what to make of Bella!

Jessica's friend was not quite sure about the dragon costume at first!

Jessica felt that he needed to wear his hat whether he wanted to or not!

"I can't get it on him. You'll have to do it."

"Why are all these women picking on me???"

We eventually go the hang of it and headed out trick or treating in the red wagon!

They really had a wonderful time once we got started! By the end Jessica was saying, "Hello. Thank you. Bye Bye." (over and over and over again!!) We also trick or treated a little more later once we got home! At the rate of one piece of candy every night after dinner, I think she will have enough to last until Christmas!

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