Friday, November 13, 2009

My First Kohls Experience

I don't ever remember going to Kohls, but David's grandmother had sent us a check with instructions to get Jessica "something cute" so off we went! If you remember, I have trouble pushing things while pregnant so Jessica did not ride in any sort of buggy or stroller for the entire trip. I must say that made it a rather memorable trip! First we went to the Infant and Toddler's clothing section and picked out an adorable sage green corduroy jumper with pink butterflies appliqued on it (which happened to be 50% off)! While there Jessica discovered the toy section so conventiently located next to the Infant and Toddler's clothes! She was rather taken with a laptop she saw, but I told her we were not getting a laptop today. She was less than pleased. I then carried her over to the shoe department where she found a wonderful pair of taupe heals on clearance that she proceeded to try on after wrestling in the floor to get her shoes and socks off! With much help from Jessica opening boxes, taking out shoes, and her occasionally running off, I found a pair of shoes 50% off that I believe will work nicely with my black maternity leggings! By the time we reached the checkout lane, Jessica wanted to read all of the books in the display and tried to run out the automatic doors multiple times! We managed to pay only to discover that she drank so much that morning that she had leaked through her clothes! I proceeded to change her diaper in the car and dress her in her new outfit. Finally we left!!

However, on the way home I decided to drop by and pick up something at Sears that David had suggested we get for Jessica if we had a little left from getting the "something cute" for Jessica. Once again carrying Jessica into the store without the aid of a stroller, we trudged off towards the bathroom because by this point I had to go! Well, I didn't have a stroller, there was no child seat in the bathroom to strap her to, and she has recently become interested in climbing under bathroom stalls so I set her in my lap against her loud protests! Finally, we went to the toy section where we picked up a My First Craftsman Mechanics Engine! Jessica and I played with it this afternoon. We took it apart, and I told her which pieces were pistons, spark plugs, etc. She seemed to enjoy playing with it. Hopefully, she will find taking it apart more interesting than taking our furniture apart! Currently her daddy and her are sitting in the den taking it apart and putting it back together. Now off to enjoy some family time!

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