Wednesday, November 4, 2009

That's How I Roll!!

David's mom and grandmother offered to give us some money to go towards a new stroller, which was very nice! I ended up finding a great deal on the Kolcraft Contours Tandem Stroller at so I went ahead and ordered it! We thought it would be particularly nice to have while I am pregnant because then Jessica and a friend can ride together while the friend's mom pushes! (I am having trouble pushing again this pregnancy. I have no earthly idea why.) At any rate, the stroller arrived yesterday and David put it together last night!! We ended up getting to take it for a spin today, and I am totally convinced that I got the best stroller and for the best price ($186 shipped)!!!

Aren't you jealous that we are wearing summer clothes in November???

Here is my review of the Kolcraft Contours Stroller. It is very easy to push and can go almost anywhere! My friend pushed the stroller and loved it! She could push it on dirt roads with one hand! You also don't have to air up the tires or worry about punctures. It folds down to be pretty compact. It will almost fit in the trunk of our Firebird, which is pretty impressive! I could probably make it fit if I had to, but we plan to use the umbrella stroller and Ultimate Baby Wrap for at least the first year. (At some point we will need to get a new vehicle, but we are pushing it off as long as possible because the Firebird is paid for!! For now I plan to use the stroller more around the neighborhood because we do A LOT of walking on mostly dirt roads; however, I think when the new baby is over a year old I will enjoy using it when going places as well.) The stroller is a little heavy to carry, but any double stroller is going to be heavy!

Nice big wheels. The perfect size for off-roading!

Another plus about the Kolcraft Contours Stroller is its versatility! One huge plus is that the kids aren't sitting next to each other so you end up with fewer fights. ("Mom, he's on my side. Mom, she's touching me. Mom, she hit me" ...I think you get the idea!) They can sit facing each other so they can play and talk to each other but still have their personal space. They can also be turned while in the seats to face away from each other, both face front, or both face back. I can see this working out great for time-out on the go! For even more versitility, you can also use up to two infant seats in place of the seats. You could also remove one seat to leave more space for shopping or equipment if you have a special needs child. For older children, there is a handhold on each side of the stroller.

In the sitting up position. Aren't you impressed with sunshade?

Another plus when you live in such a warm climate is that the sunshades are better covering than most double strollers. The seats themselves and the footrests recline, which is great for infants and tired toddlers! There is a parent tray that has 2 cupholders and a compartment for snacks, keys, phone, etc. The basket underneath is quite spacious! I could see myself walking to our vet with the kids in the seats and our cat on a leash in the basket! My only complaint about the Kolcraft Contours Tandem Stroller is that the child seats have a removable bar instead of a tray. However, I have seen cloth trays that you can buy separately and velcro onto any stroller. I may make my own at some point!

Obviously it's comfortable, and the sunshade does a good job even in the reclined position!

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