Saturday, November 14, 2009

Seeing Spots

Well, we are staying home and quarantining until we can get to the doctor Monday. Jessica's fever from earlier this week seems to be gone, but she has been fussy and has spots appearing all over her. Our neighbor across the street says it looks like chicken pox. I guess we'll have to wait till Monday to know for sure.

We have used a delayed schedule for getting Jessica's shots, saving the vaccines for less deadly diseases until later. Chicken pox is one of those. The reason for doing this is I just don't see any point in giving her a whole bunch of shots all at one time. While I do not believe it causes Autism (everything I learned in school and professionally tells me otherwise), I do think it may be possible to "overload" a small baby's system. All other kinds of things early on can overload them. Why not a lot of vaccines?

David and I both had the chicken pox as children, although we think I had the worse case. One of the benefits of us having had the chicken pox already is that we know 100% that our unborn child will be protected because of my immunity. With the chicken pox vaccine, there would still be some risk because it is not 100% effective for all people throughout their lifetime. Hopefully, if Jessica does indeed have the chicken pox, she will begin to feel better soon!


  1. It could also be Roseola. The Roseola rash shows up after the fever, and at that point the child is no longer contageous even though the rash appears? It usually is on the trunk and limbs, although my kids had it other places too.

    If the rash large pus filled blisters all over the body it is probably chicken pox. If the rash is smaller flatter red bumps, probably roseola.

    Either way they are both viruses and you can't do much about it but let it run it's course.

    A scarier potential illness that needs medication is rheumatic fever or strep so definitely need to get her to he Dr. Monday to rule that out. Hope she feels better soon.

  2. Some are pus filled blisters but others are just red spots. However, the fever makes me think it could be Roseola...hadn't considered that one. I'm definitely thinking doctor Monday morning bright and early! Still crossing my fingers for the chicken pox though because I know I had immunity to that one...