Monday, November 16, 2009

A Long Few Days...

Today I loaded up the family and took them to the doctor. Jessica as it turns out has Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease...again! Either last time she had something else or it was just a light case. However, her spots seem to be dissipating rapidly so hopefully we won't be home bound for too long! We miss our friends! David has a virus involving a sore throat, which looks pretty darn nasty I might add! The doctor does not think it is mono; however, we are taking steps to make sure it does not turn into mono! This will probably have an effect on our Christmas plans, but hopefully we will still get to travel to see family, maybe just not for as long as we had hoped. On the bright side we should be right as rain for Thanksgiving! Speaking of Thanksgiving, I am going to do some looking around to locate some of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes to post later this week! Until then, I think I will be using my time to catch up on all the dishes and laundry that have gotten backed up as well as make some repairs and alterations to Jessica's wardrobe. I did not expect her to dislike wearing pants so much, so I am having to do a little work to alter her wardrobe a bit!

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