Monday, December 21, 2009

In Search of New Christmas Traditions

We always go home to see family for Christmas (except for the year I was pregnant with Jessica and a lot of them came to us). However, we all got sick so much this winter that David does not have the off-time for us to go this year. We are going to miss seeing most of the family this year, but we are excited about being home. It will be nice to not have to be anywhere to see anybody, nice to not spend 30+ hours in the car, nice to be in our own beds in our own home, etc.

2008 Santa Picture

This will be a different year for us, and we have been trying to think about what kinds of Christmasy things we would like to do as a family this year. After Thanksgiving, I usually:
1) Put up a tree, outside lights, and a few trinkets
2) Finish making at least some of our gifts for extended family
3) Get Jessica's picture made with Santa
4) A few days before we leave town (usually a week before Christmas) we have Santa at our house so we don't have to pack Santa in our tiny car and so Jessica has something new to do while I pack!!
5) Many of the Christmas morning traditions will remain the same except it will actually be on December 25 this year! Jessica gets 1 big homemade toy (or 2 small homemade toys) from Santa as well as a couple books, and a stocking (usually fruit, candy, some clothing item she needs, and perhaps a small toy). Outside of a joint gift for David and myself, we don't do any other gifts. We also usually do pancakes for a late breakfast, and that is about the extent of our holiday traditions.

2009 Santa Picture

This year...
1) I only put up the tree because I figured I would be tired and pregnant enough after Christmas that I wouldn't want to put anything else away!
2) We made almost every single gift we are giving (more on that closer to Christmas).
3) We also have made a lot of holiday goodies, since we will not be enjoying all the goodies my mom and my sister usually bake!! We are making a lot of sugar to come soon!!
4) We have watched a few Christmas Specials. We really liked Prep and Landing!
5) Sunday we got Jessica's picture made with Santa at a brunch after church.
6) We might make a gingerbread house with one of the girls down the street.
7) We plan to take the family to look at Christmas lights some evening this week. A guy down the street has an absolutely amazing display....I need to remember to take pictures.....apparently he lets people tour his backyard!
8) We are planning to do burgers for Christmas eve (Jessica will not touch a fast food burger. She will ONLY eat David's burgers!), and Christmas Day should be about the same as usual.

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions? I am on the look out for other traditions we might like to try this year; however, I have also tried to choose things that don't add a lot of work or pressure. Doing a mostly homemade Christmas takes enough work!

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  1. My parents always make chicken pot pie on Christmas eve... And my sister and I always get pajama pants, chocolate covered cherries, and hairties in our stockings. My very favorite tradition is listening to Raffi's christmas album (it's VERY good)!