Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Card 2009

Hello Everyone,
Apparently Mommy never intends on getting around to writing Christmas letters again, so as the responsible kitty of the house, I have taken it upon myself to send our holiday greetings. I know you did not hear from me last year. My apologies, but it was not my fault. I knew something was up, but by the time I figured out what was going on Mom had had surgery for melanoma, Grandma had comes down to take care of that thing they call their “little bundle of joy,” and before I knew it they had all left to stay with Grandma and Grandpa while Mom recovered. Thankfully we are not having any of those shenanigans this year! However, once again there are some very strange things going on at our house...

I am getting the sneaking suspicion that Mom and Dad might be bringing home another one of those tiny human creatures that cry all the time. I don't see why they think we need another one of those around our house. I think one is more than enough!! I am not sure if her name is “Jessica” or “No Ma'am.” I hear both quite frequently, but I do know that she is a very loud creature who seems to get joy out of tackling me, using me as a rug, chasing me, pulling my tail, and in other words causing as much mischief as possible. What is really bad is that she has FRIENDS! They all come over to the house, and then they all shriek at me, chase me around the house, get in my face, and in general try to be as annoying as possible. On the bright side she does seem to have a genuine affection for me. Of course this is expected as everyone knows that I am a very lovable creature! She also has the problem solving skills of a cat....very impressive for a mere human. I have learned to stay near her, particularly when she is in the kitchen or on the porch. You never know when she is going to pull out some tasty treat that Mommy had hidden away or let me outside if Mommy forgot to bolt the door! Apparently the neighbors have noticed her cat-like problem solving skills because I have heard them talk about how nervous they get when she visits their houses. She also seems to have a cat-like radar for cookies, knives, and anything that can be taken apart. Thankfully she has not figured out that people and more importantly, kitty cats, can be taken apart because I am sure she would figure out how to do it!

Friends and family, Nutmeg is correct in his assumption that we are expecting a new addition to our family towards the end of May. We hope to get a good view of this new addition at the ultrasound on January 15th. Nutmeg is also correct in saying that Jessica is a bundle of energy with a certain exuberance for life, and she most definitely inherited her Daddy's problem solving skills! What something is called is of no interest to her unless she can figure out how to make it work or how to take it apart! I am sure that this next year will be full all kinds of excitement at our house!! We are so thankful for the blessings all around us, but most especially this year for good health.

Love, David, Amy, Jessica, (The New Baby), and Nutmeg

PS I apologize for the picture, but we haven't been able to get Jessica to sit still since sometime this summer!!


  1. The pic is fine Amy. She's adorable. Merry Christmas to u and the fam as well.

  2. that was fun to read! Merry Christmas to you guys too :)