Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Card 2005

Hello Everyone,
Mommy said that since everyone seemed to enjoy my Christmas card last year so much that I could write it this year. Between you and me, I think she is just trying to keep me busy so she can finish wrapping presents! Would you believe that the area under the tree is so filled with presents that there isn’t any room left for me to take a little catnap! And to top it all off even though I can’t read, I am pretty sure that none of those presents under there say “To: Nutmeg Love: Mommy and Daddy!” But don’t worry! I have made sure that Mommy won’t forget to wrap my presents!! Aside from my usual tricks of meowing really loudly to remind them to feed me and balking at Mommy’s efforts to toilet train me, I have started trying to climb the Christmas tree, using the ornaments as my toys, laying all over Mommy’s wrapping paper, and when I am particularly desperate, attempting to unwrap everyone else’s presents! So far I am not seeing any presents under the tree for me, but I am confident with more mischief making they will begin to appear! Oh and by the way, in case you were curious, Mommy really is trying to toilet train me. What I don’t understand is why I can’t use the other white bowl in the bathroom. I mean it is the perfect size to curl up in and take a nap and then when I need to go to the bathroom I don’t have to move because there is already a drain right there! Ah the convenience of modern day science! You know a cat had to design that one!

Well I suppose I had better get on with this letter and update you all as to the goings on at our house! Mommy says it has been quite a year. If she means the hurricane and three tornados that came through our town then I must agree! Currently there are a bunch of guys replacing every roof in our apartment complex. Their loud banging frequently disrupts my hourly naps. Why can’t they do that at night when I am wide-awake? Anyways, back to what has been going on at our house. Something really funny happened this year. Mommy decided to slow down on getting her PhD, and so Daddy decided he would get his PhD since he would need something to do for a couple years. Well, then Mommy decided that she wanted to get an EdS instead of a PhD after Daddy had already been accepted to his PhD program! Translation for all of you out there like me that do not speak graduateschoolspeak: Mommy is getting a degree between a Masters and a PhD and will start working in July (assuming she finds an internship), and Daddy is going to work on his PhD for the next couple years. This means he will continue drawing pictures of things that go on the computer. I keep meaning to ask him if he could draw a mouse for me…but I digress. I am very excited about Mommy having more time at night to play with me. Maybe now that she will be off in the summers she can take me to kitty daycamp! Maybe this means she will also have more brain cells to devote to remembering to feed me! Oh, Mommy says to tell you that we hope that God has blessed you with the things that are most important! (I wonder if she means food?) Daddy says to tell you Merry Christmas (NOT Happy Holidays)!

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