Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Card 2007

Hello Everyone,
Mommy has been rather preoccupied as of late so I have once again taken it upon myself to update everyone as to the goings on at our house. I must say it has been a very trying year for me… It all started when Daddy started going out of town looking for a job…whatever one of those is! Then Mommy and Daddy took off for a whole week and came back smelling like dog! Traitors! (Apparently they had stayed with Bella and Rocco’s parents.) As it turns out, they were looking for a house because Daddy had gotten a job. Then Mommy and Daddy took off AGAIN for a long weekend. They said they were signing papers for the house they bought, but things haven’t really been the same since. A few weeks later Daddy left. Then our furniture left! (This was a very traumatizing time for me!) Finally Mommy and I left. I was not so sure about all of this (hence the puking and peeing all over myself) until I realized that Daddy was at the new house! That made it all better!! I had missed our evening bonding time (Meaning he pets me and treats me like the most important member of our household…because of course I am!)

I know you think I am done, but no things continued to be even more traumatizing from there! Mommy was not feeling so well so she spent the next few months home with me, which I didn’t mind. However, I was not getting the kind of attention I deserve. Obviously, this called for drastic measures, so I made sure to get sick several times in the month of August to the point of having to go to the vet and have surgery. (That was NOT a part of my grand plan!) I know you are all thinking surely things cannot get any worse, but they do! All of the sudden I realized that there was less room available in Mommy’s lap for the most important member of this family. I know you all think I am joking, but seriously, she is beginning to look like the big blow up guy dressed in red in the neighbor’s front yard! Now I have to sit on the couch next to her because there is so little room! And do you want to know something scary??? Sometimes I like to put my head in her lap and my paws on her tummy, and you won’t believe this…but it MOVES!!! I have also noticed that Mommy and Daddy have finally decided to acquire furniture kitty-sized! There is this nice white bed just my size that even has bars on it to keep me from rolling off! Oh and the coolest item is this chair with wheels on the bottom of it. Mommy must have finally given up on training me to walk on a leash! The only thing that really throws me off is that they keep running me out of the room where they have put all of my new furniture. I have concluded that they must be saving it for my Christmas present this year!

Friends and family, I will try to clear up a few of Nutmeg’s observations! David and I are expecting a baby girl in January. We moved to the coast in May, and it has been a whirlwind year! David found the perfect job, I am working at Sylvan Learning Center part-time as I will be able to take Jessica with me, and we have found a church where our children will learn to love others like Jesus did. We are particularly thankful this year for our friends, both old and new, who have made moving to a new place that is far from our families easier, especially with all of the changes we have had in 2007 and expect in 2008. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and pray that God blesses you in 2008 with all that is most important!

Love, David, Amy, (Jessica), and Nutmeg

See! I told you Mommy was huge! Just pretend her shirt is red, and I know you will agree that she looks like Santa!

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