Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Cards

When I was younger my mother received numerous Christmas cards every year (probably because my father never meets a stranger....actually most of the time he figures out that he's related to said stranger....)! My siblings and I always enjoyed perusing the Christmas cards that came to the house. Our favorites were the pictures! The ones we liked the least were the ones that included a letter about 5 pages long talking about how perfect their only child was and all the wonderful things they had done with their only child that year. Eventually my siblings found it so annoying that they decided to send out their own Christmas letter one year where they talked about how perfectly everything was going in our family and made up all of these ridiculous things we had been up to that year. For example, I think they said my sister, Katie, was going to be in the Winter Olympics the next year for the Figure Skating competition!

When I got married, I did not want to send out just a card with our names in it because I always thought those were kind of boring, and I didn't want to take the time to write a personal note in every single one! So, I started having our cat, Nutmeg, write our Christmas card every year from his perspective! If gave people an idea of what we were up to in a funny way so as not to sound like we were talking about how wonderful and perfect our lives are. I am planning to post a (very short) "Best of" series over the next day or so followed up with this year's Christmas letter. (I am not mailing out Christmas letters this year, unless I know it is a relative who does not have computer access. Last year I did not send out a letter because I had just had surgery, and the year before cost me a mint in postage!!) Do you do anything creative with your Christmas card or do you even do Christmas cards?

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