Saturday, December 26, 2009

Homemade Gifts 2009: Part 1

Since most of my family is in a cabin in the mountains, I feel pretty safe going ahead and sharing what we made them for Christmas this year. If you happen to see this and have not gotten your gift yet. Then consider this your warning: Do not proceed any farther if you want to be surprised! (David's family may continue.)

For the grandparents on both sides, I will be sending dvds full of pictures of Jessica, videos from Christmas and Jessica's birthday, and the ultrasound of the new baby. However, they will not receive these until the end of January because some of these events have not occurred yet! A very economical gift, but something they will truly enjoy!

For my parents, all of my married siblings, David's sister, and a few neighbors, we made gifts baskets that included a variety of homemade goodies: strawberry jam, oatmeal honey soap, fudge, magic bars, hot chocolate mix, ranch oyster crackers, and sugar cookies! This was also a very economical gift, but it is also really nice because everything is consumable!!!! No random gift items to figure out what to do with when you go home! I am most excited to see what my sister, Kim, thinks about her gift because she always loves homemade gifts!! My unmarried siblings got dvds we found on sale at Wal-mart. They both really enjoy watching movies.

What made the experience truly....memorable....was that I had two friends from down the street with all or most of our small children in my house at least once a week for the last month making all of these things!!! It was truly an experience!! But, we did have a lot of fun!! There were quite a few times we messed things up because we were trying to multiply batches and keep up with all of the shrieking children in my house! Thankfully, it all turned out just fine! If we do this next year, then I think we will have to start earlier!!!

And those are all of the gifts we made this year outside of Jessica's (which you already saw) and one for either David's dad or David's mom. I am keeping that one under my hat until we exchange gifts with them in a few days! Overall I felt like we came out pretty well this year: all homemade gifts except for 4! Hopefully, everyone will enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them!

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