Sunday, September 6, 2009

Walking in Memphis

Traveling can be very difficult for children. Oftentimes they are subjected to long car trips where they are not able to move around a lot, their schedules are completely messed up, they are in completely new environments, and they are meeting all kinds of people. One of the things we tried to do this trip to make things easier for Jessica was to plan activities that gave her a chance to do kid things without having to constantly hear, "No, no, no!" Here are a few photos from our activities!

At the zoo with Grandpa Jeff feeding the birds!

Getting a close up view of the giraffes!

Oh! Look at that!

Jessica's first carousel ride with Mommy!

"Bye Bye!"

Watching the Friday night football game with Grandpa Jeff.

Having fun with Mommy at the football game!

Dancing with Aunt Kim to Uncle John's high school pep band!

More fun with Aunt Kim!

Crawling down the super steep hill at the football game!

Rolling down the super steep hill at the football game (with assistance)!

Going back up with super steep hill at the football game! (We did this many times! Some of the other kids slid down in cardboard boxes. Maybe we'll try that next time!)

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