Thursday, September 24, 2009

Front Porch Friday: Back in the Saddle Again

As you can probably tell from the posts this week, life at our house seems to have returned to what passes for normal around here!! Jessica and I spent time playing with our friends at the gym and the pool (which we had all to ourselves)! We also had fun taking the cat to the vet for his shots. Jessica rode in the stroller, and he rode in the basket under the stroller with his leash on!

A picture from our trip to the vet last year.

The house is nice and tidy again after the onslaught of projects going on, and I am making progress on my list of projects that need to be done! Overall, it has been a pleasant week! David is off Friday so we will have a nice long weekend. Tomorrow I plan to do another Potty Training "Burst." I was trained in graduate school to potty train in a day; however, that just does not work for me and Jessica's attention spans! Therefore, I have created what I am calling "The Burst Method." (Very technical sounding I know!) Basically, we potty train as long as we can stand it for a day (usually just the morning). Then we take a break for a couple months!

The first "burst" taught her how to sit on her potty and that she poops and pees (that was exciting)! The second "burst" taught her that the potty is not a toy and that it is very exciting when there is poop or pee in the potty. She still is not communicating very clearly; however, I am pretty sure she is aware of when she needs to go before it happens because the other day she took her diaper off and then proceeded to pee all over the floor!!!! My hope is that with the third "burst," we might get a clearer understanding of where poop and pee are SUPPOSED to go! I am very hopeful that we will at least have a partially potty trained little girl by next summer so we will not have to fight the heat rash again!!!!

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  1. In case you are curious, our potty training "burst" was unsuccessful, and we gave up rather quickly and went to the pool instead!