Friday, September 18, 2009

Finally SOMETHING that Keeps Her Attention!!!!

Within the last month, we have had the hardest time trying to find something that will keep Jessica's attention for longer than 5 seconds (besides TV). She is completely tired of all the baby toys. She is too little for the big kid toys, and the toys at the store for kids her age, she is done with in about 5 minutes!! Last weekend I was on a mission to find something to occupy her so that I did not have to be her constant playmate! (I enjoy playing with her, but I do need to be able to at least get dinner cooked!!)

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head with Fireman and Doctor accessory sets.

We started at Toysrus and found some Mr. Potato Head accessory sets. She has liked Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head since she was about 18 months old. Actually she likes anything with lots of little parts! We bought the Doctor set and the Fireman set, and they seem to be a hit!

My old Fisher Price Little People Doll House

Then I started looking around trying to find something else that would give me another option for keeping her attention. I pulled out my old Fisher Price Little People dollhouse, and she LOVED it!!! I was so excited that she liked it that I immediately started shopping online for more!!! (Seriously, she has been impossible to keep entertained for almost 2 months!!!!!) I looked at the new ones they had at Wal-mart and Toysrus, but they come with very few pieces so I knew Jessica would be bored with them very quickly.

It still has a lot of the little pieces inside!

Then I entered the wonderful world of e-bay and found a bunch of different vintage Fisher Price Little People sets!!! I ended up bidding on and get the Children's Hospital as well as a few accessories! My sisters and I had concluded that was our favorite set and kept us busy the longest!

This is pretty much what we will have except for two of the people.

I am monumentally pleased with finding some toys that will occupy Jessica's attention for the next several months until she is ready for pretend play. However, I am also very pleased because I know that she will still find these toys interesting for years to come! I know I played with Mr. Potato Head and Fisher Price Little People all throughout my elementary school years! We have successfully overcome the latest challenge she has thrown our way, without breaking the bank I might add!

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