Saturday, September 19, 2009

Our New Couch!

In general, I like to do most things myself; however, I did not want to make my own couch! David and I have pretty different ideas about what we wanted in a couch. He wanted something soft, plushy, and all one color. I wanted something that is durable, doesn't stain easily, doesn't readily show imprints of where someone has sat a lot, and preferably a print to hide stains. After much searching we finally found the right couch for the right price. It is soft and plushy but seems to be made out of pretty durable fabric. It looks like microfiber, but it is not. As a bonus, it is also a sleeper sofa! It is all one color; however, at the price of $89, I really can't get to upset if Jessica stains it!

Our new couch!

I know you are wondering what is wrong with it for us to get it for $89. We got it from a store that sells people's used and new furniture. The people had only wanted $100 for it, and it was on sale this weekend! One of our friends who helped us move it said he detected a very faint smoke smell to it; however, it is faint enough that David didn't smell it. There is one very small cigarette burn in one of the arms. Other than that, it is in great condition!

The small burn in the arm

Perfect for a house with small children! We had considered a sectional; however, a friend reminded me that the kids would not be able to run circles around the living room as easily with a sectional there so we decided to go with a couch instead.

Our old couch.

You may be wondering what possessed us to get a new couch. Well, the seams on the other are slowly coming apart. I have stitched them back together once and there isn't any fabric left to do it again.

A close of of one of the seams.

A close up of one of the corners.

My neighbor bought the couch in about 1995 (back when it was a blue leather couch). My mother had it recovered before we got married in 2003 with some denim fabric we bought on sale. It has definitely had a good, long life!

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