Friday, October 29, 2010

Frugal Halloween Goodies?

Jessica's pumpkin

Our neighborhood is THE neighborhood where everyone else's kids go to Trick or Treat. Depending on the year, we can go through at least 5-6 LARGE bags of candy and that adds up!! Do you have any frugal ideas for Halloween treats? I do not feel comfortable doing homemade goodies because I would not let my kid eat a homemade goodie from someone I don't know. I also do not consider opting out of Trick or Treating to be an option. Not only is that no fun, but we have also been egged in the past!

In other news, isn't my baby girl getting to be such a big girl?!?!? Check out our impromptu photo-shoot in front of the Speech Therapist's office:

And yes, those are those $5 jeans I bought her in a size 4 slim. Although she is currently in a size 3T, the jeans actually fit her because....they have an adjustable waistband!!!! Score!! We are definitely getting our money's worth out of that $5! :-)

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  1. Just saw an idea on --- buy school supplies or juice boxes/chips throughout the year on sale and give those. Don't know if that would be cheaper or not though....maybe if we got some good coupons...