Friday, October 15, 2010

Where We Are At

Well, it has been several days since my last blog post, and a lot has changed. Jessica is now set up to have an evaluation with an Occupational Therapist next week. Hopefully they will be able to help with some of the attentional/sensory things me and the Speech Therapist have noticed. Our insurance will cover 60% of the evaluation; however, David is switching companies (not jobs, just who pays him) in the near future, so we do not know if any of the Speech or Occupational Therapy will be covered through the new insurance. Therefore, we have had to make some adjustments to our budget. While I love to save money, there are some things I won't go the cheap route on....therapy for my kid is one of them! Hopefully, by addressing some of these things now, Jessica will require fewer supports and will be less behind as she approaches school-aged. I am not really certain what is going on with Jessica, but I don't really have a desire to have a name to call it. I just want to get her whatever help she needs. I was also able to speak with a couple colleagues this week, who all seemed to agree that we were approaching it in a very thorough and practical way. It was really nice to be able to bounce my thoughts off some of them. I have been concerned that as I am Jessica's mommy, I might let my bias keep me from getting her the help she needs. It was also encouraging to hear one of my colleagues (and friend) tell me that she would have made the same choices had she been in my position.

I also have new pictures of the kiddos that I will intersperse throughout the rest of this post for their adoring fans (aka grandparents)!

Jessica and John in their homemade pallet!

I have been reminded this week, why it is so important to have faith. As our preacher put it this week: It is impossible to survive life's storms unless you believe in something greater than yourself. I'll add that without a belief in something greater than yourself, all you get is ulcers and anxiety!!!

Jessica enjoying her Bible School at home!

John joins us sometimes too if he is not too busy sleeping!

I am hopeful that as we enter this new period in our lives full of therapy appointments, doing homework from therapy appointments, and paying for therapy appointments, that I will still have time to occasionally post fun, crafty, yummy, frugal things we've done lately. However I have a feeling that some of those things will get pushed to the backburner for a while.

After a long day in the OR, Jessica enjoys coming home and cooking!

John is getting to be a big boy with a lot to say!! Sometimes David and I have to stop talking because we can't hear each other over him!!!

John LOVES his walker!!

Jessica thought John needed some toys, so she brought him some. (There is a reason I keep all of the choking hazards locked up in a closet and this is it!!!)

Jessica can now work 50 piece puzzles by herself and enjoys taking her cabbage patch doll everywhere! She is getting sooo tall!!! She is rapidly moving into size 3T!!

Jessica and Daddy building a boat from a kit they bought at Lowe's!

David and I have been enjoying free dates in the backyard stargazing after the kids go to bed. I am so glad that we chose to buy this house so we could stargaze from our own backyard with a relatively good view!

Soon, I am getting ready to take John and Jessica to see some of the lovely fall foliage with some friends who are not from The South. This will be our first stop on our "Tour of The South." It should be fun and educational!

I am most definitely raising a little Southern belle!! Look at that pretty dress from Nana and that glass of (decaf) sweet tea!

I am still working on Christmas gifts and having a lot of fun!! Looking forward to some quiet time this evening to sit down and work on them some more!

Jessica and Daddy "bonding" in the backyard over some yard work! My dad always used to say that doing yard work was the perfect time to "bond" with the kids!

Looking forward to a great weekend relaxing with family and friends! Hope you all have a great weekend too!

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