Friday, October 1, 2010

Front Porch Friday

My hard drive died earlier this week. After two days of trying, my husband was able to get all of the kids' pictures and my documents off of it!! That was a relief since we had not backed up the pictures since before John was born! David ended up ordering a back-up hard drive so that we won't have this happen again! So...that explains why I haven't written anything else this week!

Jessica had her first Speech therapy session today. Her Speech therapist said Jessica is very smart and should be a quick study! Already within the last week she has made a huge amount of progress. Last Friday when she went in for her Speech evaluation, the Speech therapist suggested that we start using American Sign Language with the verbal words to help make it more visual for her. It made a HUGE difference!!! I wish I had started doing that a long time ago!!! We have some homework to work on this week. Hopefully, by doing the homework every week, we will graduate from Speech therapy very quickly....which I am highly motivated to do since we are paying out of pocket!!!

And now both kids are down for a nap....for I don't know how much I am going to go get a few more things done!

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