Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Usually I hit the outlets every year after Christmas to purchase a few items for Jessica's wardrobe for the coming year. This past year I did not because I was pregnant with John and absolutely exhausted. Recently, I discovered that both of their winter clothing options were a bit lacking, so today I took the kids to JCPenny to spend a $25 giftcard we were given when John was born. Jessica is most decidedly in a size 3T now and at the rate she is growing, she may not stay there long! Typically, Jessica wears her summer dresses with a turtleneck and tights/leggings underneath. If we are going out and about then we add homemade leg warmers, a sweater, and/or coat. I already had 4 turtlenecks in a size 3T that I had ordered online at the end of last year for about $10! So.....drumroll please......I bought an adorable dress for $12, 4 pairs of microfiber white tights, and a $5 pair of jeans (that won't fit till probably next year but they were marked down from $30!). I spent $23, saved $45, and have Jessica completely ready for our mild winters!

Jessica obviously approved!!!

John is not following sizes the way Jessica did. He is already in a size 6-9 mos and will soon be in a size 12 mos!!!! He has several sleepers, a couple cute outfits with jackets, a sleep sack that will serve as outerwear, and a pair of overalls. The only thing I need to get to round him out for our mild winters is some long-sleeved onesies. I am trying to find onesies that match the clothes he already has. I found some online at Carters that would do the trick, but I didn't like the price. Perhaps a trip to a Carters outlet may be in my future... :-) I also need to make him some more booties soon. It's still nice and warm here so I might make a pair of crocheted crocs and then a warmer pair next month!

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