Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Skin Check

Today, I had my bi-yearly skin check with the dermatologist. As many of you know, I am a melanoma survivor (hence the skin checks every 6 months). I enjoyed having some friends along with us for the ride today 1) to watch Jessica and 2) to distract me. I still get a little nervous when I go for skin checks. I have vivid memories of when I got the call telling me I had melanoma and I just sunk to the floor, staring at my 9 month old daughter, wondering if I would live to watch her grow-up. Thankfully, I had a wonderful outcome, and my doctors watch me very closely now. Today they biopsied two moles. One of them was on my back, which is where the melanoma was. Absolutely worst likely scenario is that I have an early stage of melanoma again that would require a visit to the plastic surgeon for another several inch gash that could be done under local anesthesia while pregnant and possibly not be able to pick anything up for 6 weeks. More likely, it will prove normal or pre-cancerous and require only a second visit to the dermatologist to remove edges. Overall, I feel good about the visit; however, it would have been nice to get a clean skin check instead!

That being said, skin protection is very important to me. Although I like to shoot for a frugal/self-sufficient lifestyle, skin care is not something I mess around with!! We currently use Lavera sunscreen. It is 100% mineral based and organic sunscreen. Of course that was not nearly as important to me as the fact that it doesn't make my skin sting like most sunblocks and it is safe for use on infants! I really like their company a lot!!! It is expensive and does not last long in the water with out reapplying it, but it works instantly and is very gentle on the skin! I am also beginning to look into "sun friendly water apparel" aka UVA/UVB protective fabric for a water baby wrap and UVA/UVB protective swimsuits. We spend a lot of our summers outdoors, and we have moved progressively closer to the equator. Expensive Sensitive Skin Sunscreen = $$, UVA/UVB protective swimwear = $$$, Being there to watch your children grow up = Priceless!!!!!

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