Friday, February 12, 2010

Let's Celebrate!

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of this blog. It is hard to believe I have been recording our projects, our activities, and indeed our lives for an entire year! Also, today I found out that while I do not have melanoma again, I do have something that could very well turn into melanoma. Next week I will have a little office procedure where they will punch a small piece out of my skin and stitch me up. The longest part of it is stitching me up because they always make sure to do a good job of it since I have a busy toddler to keep up with!!! I was very pleased with that bit of news. David also took his first visit to the dermatologist today. They were very pleased with what they saw; however, suggested that it would be good for him to use sunblock and a hat whenever going out and to come back once a year just to make sure any changes are caught early.

Sunday is Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day can sometimes seem like a bit of an exclusive holiday, especially if you aren't married or dating anyone at the time. With that exclusiveness often comes certain expectations of how Valentine's Day "should" be celebrated, and sometimes those expectations can also ring up big dollar signs. A few years ago, we decided to start a tradition of having a special meal at home for Valentine's Day as a family. We typically have cheese fondue with bread and such, wine or sparkling grape juice (that's more for me), Dove chocolates (that's more for David), and some type of grilled meat and veggies. It is nice because it gives the entire family something to look forward to, and while we spend a little extra on our special dinner, we don't break the bank like we would if we got a babysitter, went out to eat, etc. This year we are being joined by some friends down the street! Nothing could be better: good food and good company!

Finally, it also looks like in a couple weeks, Jessica and I (and baby John) will be flying to Memphis. I have not gotten to see my parents in 6 months, and they will not be able to travel here until who knows when because of Mom's migraine, neck, head issues (I really don't know what else to call it). I am excited at the prospect of getting to see them! David will have to remain at home as he is in the middle of switching companies, and we are not sure how his acquired off time will be handled. Once we know more we will have to also look into whether or not he will be able to take off time after the baby is born. He plans to be at the hospital the entire time; however, past that is a little up in the air at the moment.

Overall, things seem to be moving along just fine....well except for my thumb. It seems to be getting worse. Unfortunately, all of the doctor's I have seen have pretty much said, "It sucks to be you." They can't do an x-ray because I am pregnant. I can only take tylenol, and that is about it. I find it amazing how much I use my left thumb for! Now off to tidy the house and crochet....those I can do with 1 working thumb!!

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