Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cute Onesies!

Well, our family has fallen into a better rhythm in which to function over the next week or so while my back is still out of commission, and I am truly thankful that I have only had one case of stage one melanoma and 3 pre-cancerous spots. While it does come with its frustrations, it could be much worse! Over the weekend, I was finally able to finish personalizing some newborn onesies for John with iron-on transfers! I love to sew and do other crafty things because it is one of the few things I do during the day that is not quickly undone!! Below are some pictures of the onesies I made for John.

You will notice that all of these shirts have non-sexual themes. (Apparently, sexual themes are very popular on baby boy shirts: Chick Magnet, Stud Muffin, Boob Man, etc.) I also tried to select neutral themes. They were very easy to make using a word processing program and clip art I found on the internet. The onesies were Jessica's when she was a baby; however, I bought a 0-3 months package of 5 white onesies at JoAnn's the other day for $5 using a 50% off coupon!! That is a little over $1 a shirt. You really can't beat that unless you made them yourself from an old t-shirt! Stay tuned! There are more fun projects to come, hopefully later this week!

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