Monday, February 22, 2010

Cute T-Shirts!

Well, after the success of last night's iron-on transfers onesies, I decided to make more tonight using some t-shirts! The first one is for me using one of my maternity shirts! It says, "I'm so crafty, I make people!" How cute is that?

These next two are kimono-styled shirts Jessica wore in the hospital that I dressed up with some Veggie Tales pocket logos!

Finally, I started working on Jessica's Big Sister t-shirt. I definitely plan to do a little embellishing check back later to see the final product! It says "Don't let this shirt fool you... I'm a... dirt digging, truck pushing, furniture climbing, rough and tumble playing Big Sister." I think it suits her just perfectly!!


  1. How cute! I love the wording for the big sister shirt. Fits perfectly!

  2. Thanks y'all!! I was pretty pleased with them!