Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"His Name Is John."

This is a picture of part of Jessica's room shortly before she was born.

Once John is on a good sleeping schedule, he will be sharing that room with Jessica. Since the room was already appropriate for a boy or a girl, baby or young child, there has been very little to do to get that room ready for a second occupant! However, I am adding a few small touches to make it seem like the room belongs to more than just Jessica. I changed the pink changing pad out with the blue one, set out a stuffed bear specifically for John, and got Jessica situated in her toddler bed (well....actually it appears that she has decided on her own to move to the bottom bunk).

Last night I made plaque with John's name in Hebrew and English with the meaning and Bible verses it comes from to match everyone else's.

I only have one more thing left to do to their room, and then I will be completely done with that portion of the preparations!

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