Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2nd Trimester

Well, we are currently about a month from the end of the 2nd trimester of this pregnancy and that much closer to meeting John David! I became a vegetarian during the first trimester due to major sensitivity to smells and food aversions! David is very thankful that has passed. However, I do seem to have developed a strange craving for refined sugar and chocolate! I am also not sleeping 24/7 anymore, but I do find that I have significantly less energy that normal, which is challenging with a busy toddler. Although my doctor has encouraged me to go about my normal activities (which I have as evidenced by the picture of me below in my dance clothes), I do try to cut myself a little more slack when it comes to food preparation, cleaning, etc. Some people seem to have tons of energy for much of their pregnancy. I am not one of those people!!

Big things going on: Rh negative shot coming up in a few weeks, Glucose test coming up in a few weeks, and spotting may be the norm for the rest of this pregnancy just because I carry so very low...yippee. On the bright side I have discovered the best way to sleep while pregnant..... on a ROPE bed!!!! When I was pregnant with Jessica, I could never get comfortable at night because my belly always hung slightly to the side, but with a rope bed, the bed conforms somewhat to your shape providing support for all of me in just the right places!!! I love my bed!!

I am also beginning to do some planning in preparation for the weeks following John's delivery as I will probably have less help than when Jessica was born. I am not concerned about it, but I do need to think through what all needs to be done: meals in the freezer, Jessica in a toddler bed at least for naps (so I don't have to lift her), etc. I have already arranged for Jessica a place to stay while we are in the hospital, transportation the weeks following, and have several people I can call on during the day and the important stuff is in place! Once the baby stuff is finished, the freezer is stocked, and Jessica is transitioned to a toddler bed, all we will have to do is wait to meet this new little life!


  1. How exciting! I can't believe you're already this far! I look forward to hearing your advice down the road on how to survive with 2 kiddos! Oh and you look fabulous, by the way!

  2. Thanks Audra! It should make life interesting having 2 kiddos....however, on the bright side I will not have two 2 year olds immediately!!! I will feel much better when I get the meals in the freezer and all of those other planning-type things completed. Well...and once I hear back about the outcome of my biopsies...that could make getting everything done a little more challenging!!