Wednesday, January 6, 2010


During a typical week, I enjoy trying out all kinds of fun new things and posting about how they turned out such as making a rope bed, yogurt, etc. However, this has NOT been a typical week! David had been out of town, Jessica developed pneumonia, and I ended up at the ER with her at 3 am. That was most definitely NOT in my plan for the week. I had taken her into the ER because I couldn't get her fever as controlled as I would have liked (just under 103 with Tylenol and Motrin), and her skin was very dry. As it turns out she had developed eczema because of the stress on her body trying to get over her illness. I had heard of eczema, but while Jessica does have very sensitive skin, she has never had a problem with eczema. The ER upped her dosages of Tylenol and Motrin and gave me some ideas on what I could do to help keep the fever down. Thankfully Jessica seems to be on the mend. She is not anywhere near 100% today, but we have not had to use Tylenol or Motrin to control the fever! I must say I am looking forward to David having a long weekend! I am hoping to use some of the time that he is home to decompress a little with a fun project or two, so stay tuned to see what crazy thing I decide to try next!!! :-)

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