Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm Back!

I am back and completely recovered from our last week! Jessica is feeling much better, and David is home! We have had a lovely weekend!! We have had record temperature lows but have really enjoyed having a fire, eating homemade soup, and spending time together at home! I have many ideas that have been running through my head while laying around watching Veggies Tales with my poor sick and afflicted child! Once David got home, I even managed to get a couple of them done so I am excited to share those with you!!

Other exciting news around our house is that we will be getting an ultrasound done on Friday!! We will hopefully see that this child is developing just as he or she should be, and if he or she cooperates, we will learn if it is a boy or a girl! Neither of us cares if it is a boy or a girl, both are so much fun and a real blessing!! We always choose to find out because 1) I hate having to wait for wonderful surprises!!! and 2) David says it is inefficient to choose two names when you can just choose one! (It's the engineer in him...) Hopefully all that will go smoothly Friday. I must admit I always get a little nervous until I know for sure that all of the organs are there and in the right place! Other than tiring much quicker than I usually do (I never seem to get an energy boost while pregnant....just tired.....a lot!), everything is quite peaceful in our house, and it is a wonderful place in time to be at!

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