Saturday, January 23, 2010

Birthday Bash!

Today we had Jessica's 2 year old birthday party! It was my first time throwing a kid's birthday party! Amazingly it turned out just fine! However, I am really glad to be done with Christmas and Birthdays for a while!!! The cake had to have minor surgery after being defrosted. The party favors I came up with were little flower pots, with a few pea seeds, and a bag of dirt. I thought they turned out pretty cute! (It was very economical, and they didn't end up going home with a bag of junk!) Here are some pictures from her big day!

Jessica really enjoyed unwrapping all of the presents!

She got lots of cute dress-up clothes: a doctor costume, a care bear costume, a superwoman costume, and a holiday barbie costume!

Unwrapping one of her presents with a friend!

She also got a cute summer outfit and a couple books! We had to try on the new clothes immediately!

Then we had to put on our new doctor's coat! (It says "Dr. Bodkin!")

All of the kids got in on the act and started digging through the dress-up basket!

Jessica had to find some matching shoes!

The cake after minor surgery. It still ended up looking pretty good!

Singing Happy Birthday to Jessica!

The kids were all about to come out of their chairs when I cut the cake!!

The cake definitely met with approval!

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