Thursday, January 21, 2010


The post Boys versus Girls has been permanently removed. While I appreciate everyone's interest in the topic, I find that it is taking more time to review and respond to comments than I have to give at this time. I really feel that while open discussion is important, this particular discussion would best be had on a message board that is set up for monitoring posts frequently.

Concerning the topic of circumcision there are many different opinions and many different research articles out there on both sides of the issue. Some of these are based in fact. Some are not. In the United States, it remains a subject that is open for further study and debate as even the American Academy of Pediatrics will not recommend for or against it. Even our legal system is not completely decided on who can legally request the procedure.

Obviously any decision concerning your child should never be taken lightly. Each parent should learn as much as they can and make an informed decision. In our case (as I said before), we have already made our decision to have the procedure done. Religiously and culturally it is a decision we both feel very comfortable with, and we would have only considered making a change if overwhelming evidence had forced organizations like the AAP to retract their current recommendations on the subject. That being said I have gone to great lengths to make sure that I am 100% informed about how and when this can be done to make it easiest on John.

I am sure that there are many people out there who will not understand this decision; however, I will not be accepting any comments on this subject in the future because I do not have the time to regulate and respond to them properly, while caring for my family. There are many message boards out there should you feel the need to continue this discussion further. Thank you again for your comments and interest!


  1. amy,
    Last thing I will like to say, if you guys decide to do this to your son please be there for him. Hold his hand and give him reassurance that he is going to be okay. Also make sure they give him something for pain, and tell them to wait enough time for it to work. usually it takes 20 minutes for the medication to take effect, at least he will endure 'minimal' pain.

    Though remember, anesthetics do not always work on newborns.;105/2/454

    Here are a few bullet points for the article, which discusses among other things healthcare provider's attitudes towards infant pain.
    Neuroanatomical components and neuroendocrine systems are sufficiently developed to allow transmission of painful stimuli in the neonate.
    Exposure to prolonged or severe pain may increase neonatal morbidity.
    Infants who have experienced pain during the neonatal period respond differently to subsequent painful events.
    Severity of pain and effects of analgesia can be assessed in the neonate.20-2442-46
    Neonates are not easily comforted when analgesia is needed.
    A lack of behavioral responses (including crying and movement) does not necessarily indicate a lack of pain.

    "Studies indicate a lack of awareness among health care professionals of pain perception, assessment, and management in neonates. When analgesics were used in infants, they often were administered based only on the perceptions of health care professionals or family members."

    Also make sure to keep all documentation about the circumcision, just in case he decides later when he becomes aware of his lost and wants to sue his doctor for not agreeing with the Hippocratic Oath: "Do No Harm".

  2. I had originally planned not to publish anymore comments; however, I really did like this one! (But don't anybody get any ideas to start commenting!) As a School Psychologist, the developing brain is of great interest to me, particularly when it pertains to my children. I think it is of great importance to do your research and pick the safest and least traumatic option possible when choosing any medical procedure for your child. This momma most definitely intends on being as supportive and caring as possible with this procedure and any others that may come up during his childhood (and Jessica's for that matter).

    I definitely intend on making sure that local anesthesia is used and used correctly. (I have had several surgeries under only local anesthesia, and I know just how important it is to do the anesthesia correctly!!!) As a scientist, I also find it important to have this performed early because while infants most definitely feel pain, even in utero, their brain is not as efficient at sending and receiving messages as it will later on during childhood. Also little ones, in general, heal much more efficiently than we do. Finally, there is nothing a parent can do that is more important that being there physically, emotionally, etc for their child. Tough things happen in life. Sometimes by choice, sometimes not. Children always come out of those instances way better when they have supportive parents cheering them on each step of the way!

    Also, while I have my own personal reasons for the choice we have made, I do encourage parents and doctors who support the "intact" side to keep working towards your goal. Anyone who works to bring light to truth will eventually succeed if there is truth to it.

    Best of luck to all parents as you try to be the best parent you can be! Take encouragement from the fact that by just choosing to love your child, your child is already much better off than many of the unfortunate children I have been privileged to work with. Oh that we would one day live in a world where every child is wanted, loved and provided for!

  3. I wanted to also add that I have gotten some other comments that have been very positive with some suggestions on different options that might be available to us. Although I have not chosen to post these. I did want to express my appreciation for the thoughtfulness!