Monday, August 3, 2009

Money Saving Monday: Coupon Clipping

Someone recently mentioned in a comment that they save a lot of money clipping coupons. We use coupons in our house, but I do have trouble sometimes finding coupons for the items we typically buy so I thought I would list some of the coupon sites I have found online in hopes that some of you would post others that I do not know about!
Money Saving Mom
Coupon Cabin
Fat Wallet

Most of these seem to have a lot of the same coupons. The site that has been the most helpful for us though is! It allows you to search sale circulars for all of the stores in your zip code! Within 30 minutes of our house, our grocery shopping options are Wal-mart, Publix, and Winn-Dixie. Wal-mart usually has the lowest prices; however, Publix routinely runs killer deals on things like milk and meat, two items I routinely have trouble finding coupons for! Publix also has a baby club that frequently sends me coupons for fresh meat and milk! I also like Shop Local because they include sales circulars for all kinds of stores not just grocery stores.

Another idea I am about to try is trying to make use of a local butcher and farmer's market. I found an ad for a local butcher shop, and the prices looked great! It will require a little bit more work on my part, but I think it might be worth it! I had also thought that I might could stock up on vegetables at a farmer's market this summer and freeze or can them for the winter.

The best way to get great deals on purchases really seems to vary from person to person based on what you typically buy. Please share how you get your good deals!


  1. The best bet for your money is to find somewhere who doubles or triples coupons...then watch for those items to go on sale in a 6 week period. I get lots of stuff for free at Kroger or for less than 30 cents. Southern Savers is my absolute favorite site to use for couponing! They give you the rundown on what's on sale at each store (including Publix & Kroger) and where to find coupons for the on sale items.

    Also: the P&G site for coupons,, and

  2. Whoa.....who doubles or triples coupons? That one is new to me!!

  3. Kroger doubles up to 60 cents coupons...Dollar General triples! I know there are a lot of others out there who ate least double though.

  4. Amy--I'll be glad to send you the vaccine info. What's your email address? You can email it to me at