Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Day in the Life with Jessica!

I have concluded that my child is just too cute not to share some of the day's events on my blog! Unfortunately I only have one picture from the day, but it is darling! Today we went shopping in Pensacola. We went for some new sandals for me because my soles literally fell off my other pair; unfortunately, we were unsuccessful this trip (because I am very picky). However, we did purchase Jessica and her friend River leotards and ballet slippers!!!!!

While at the dance store, the sales clerk set her on a short stool, and Jessica sat there perfectly still while she put little hose and slippers on her feet. Then I put the leotard on her, and she sat perfectly still, prim and proper with her knees together and her hands on her knees on the stool.....for about 20 minutes!!!!!!! This is unheard of for my child!!!! I am not sure if it was the novelty of the leotard and ballet slippers or if she was just tired! River then decided that she wanted to sit on Jessica's stool and the other stool next to Jessica just would not do! River tried to push Jessica off of it. Her mother and I told her no, and she did it again. She did it a third time, and I told her no. Her mom asked, "Did she do it again??" I said, "Yes, but she is doing better. This time she used her words: 'No, No, No!' and then pushed her off!" All the while, Jessica just kind of looks at River like, "Well, if it is that important to you."

On the other big event today! Yesterday, Jessica looked like she was about to poop so I moved her quickly to her potty. After she used it, she got up, looked in the potty, and pointed saying, "See!" I was so proud of her that I had her help me flush it down the toilet! Tonight, David was watching her because I had a headache, and he saw she was getting ready to poop and quickly moved her to her potty. When I got up, he told her to show me what she had done. She pointed at the potty and said, "Potty! See!" Again we made a big to do about flushing it down the toilet!! I think she might actually be beginning to get it!!!!!! I was trained in graduate school to do the all in one day potty training method; however, Jessica and I don't seem to do well with that method. Neither of us seems to have the attention span for an all day long venture so we have been using what I call the "Burst" method! We start the all day plan and then give up halfway through the day. The first day she learned to sit on the potty and that she poops and pees (that was an exciting discovery)! Then we took a break for a couple months, but she retained what she had learned. The second burst last weekend we mostly learned that we do not disassemble our potty; however, I still occasionally find toys in the potty... Apparently she also picked up on the word potty and that poop (as well as toys apparently) go in the potty. Sounds like progress to me!!!! :-)

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