Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More Photos!!

We had a nice relaxing weekend with my parents, my sister, Katie, and my brother, John! They stayed in a nice little condo on the beach about a mile from our house, and we went to visit them during the day! Most of the photos are on my parents' computer, but here are a few!!

Jessica enjoying the view from the balcony.

Aunt Katie got in some quality time with Jessica before we come to Memphis and she has competition!!

Jessica hanging out with one of her favorite people: Pa Pa. All weekend long all I heard was "Pa Pa, Pa Pa, Pa Pa...." You get the idea!

Jessica and Aunt Katie had great fun designing clothes with a special sketch pad Katie bought at the Village Toymaker!

My mom and John getting a little cuddling time in!

Uncle John and Baby John getting some special bonding time in!

Definitely one of my favorite pictures of John

Pa Pa with both of the grandkids!

Jessica went to a Princess Birthday party while the family was in town. She went as Cinderella wearing the costume Pa Pa had picked out for her.

Uncle John and Jessica had a lot of fun together too!

Especially when they pretended to be pirates! ARRRGGGGHHH!!!!!

John decided to wear Jessica's sunglasses.....definitely not his best look!

And finally, an adorable picture of John from a few weeks ago! This was his first time going to the church nursery, and he really enjoyed the lesson!!

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