Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm Going on a Trip, and I'm Going to Take....

Remember playing that game as a kid? Where you take something that begins with every letter of the alphabet, and you have to remember all of them at the end? Well, I don't think we are going to be able to pack quite that much in our Firebird! We will take: clothes for 4 people (adults get 5 full outfits, kids get 10), MANY cloth diapers, a camera, tools (to fix the car...just in case), multiple carriers for the kids, the netbook, and that's it! My mom already has some space set up for the kids to sleep, and we will not bother with any gear. When Jessica was a baby, I would also take a pack-n-play because you had to lay her down and leave the room or she would not sleep. John I could lay down on a towel to sleep, but since Mom eventually bought a pack-n-play for Jessica, John can just use that. Jessica has some special accommodations set up just for her! More on that later!

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