Friday, July 9, 2010

Grocery Shopping, Concerned Strangers, and No Naps....Oh My!

Today was grocery day. It started out so well....I got everything I needed for $55.94, saved $9.04, and only bought whole foods for some yummy from scratch cooking (including shrimp one night and steak another!!!). I finished my shopping in less than an hour with both kiddos. I did conclude that next week I should start going to two different stores again (on two different days) so I can get certain types of items for a better price.

It was what happened while I was grocery shopping that bugged me. A woman in the grocery store saw me wearing John in the Moby Wrap and was very concerned that I was smothering him. I tried to explain that he was perfectly safe, but she didn't seem to be listening and eventually walked off. This has happened before about the same thing! I had the kids at an outdoor festival, and John was in the black swim wrap because it is very thin and breathable. Two ladies standing maybe 3 feet away from me were staring and pointing at me with obvious concern that I was smothering him or that he would get heat stroke. I have also had concerned strangers look at Jessica strangely when she doesn't talk to them. I have to admit I find it rather annoying and upsetting to hear/see strangers "concerned" about what I am doing as a parent. Parenting is hard enough without random strangers being critical of what you are doing! Maybe I need some sort of sign or t-shirt....

Finally this afternoon neither of the kids really napped. John took some cat naps, but I was really hoping for a little time away from everyone to decompress! On the brightside Jessica has started giving herself reading time when she doesn't nap....but I am still nervous that she will come up with something destructive to do that I haven't thought of as long as she is awake!


  1. Amy, This is the first time I've blogged so you may not get my message. My address is Some people have had trouble with it because they have used the letter l rather than the number 1. I'm sorry it's so confusing. We enjoyed the delightful pictures, and I'll keep watching for your posts.

  2. Girl, I have had this problem with Jackson too. One lady even went as far as to blow his nose with a used kleenex at a grocery store because she thought he was sick. If you make a t-shirt...I want one!

  3. Ekk! Gross!!!! Definitely need a t-shirt before I have people soliciting us with used Kleenex!!!!!!