Wednesday, July 7, 2010

By Popular Demand....More Pictures!

I have a lot of relatives who keep telling me I need to post more pictures! So to appease our adoring they are from our weekend with David's parents!

David asked his dad to bring down his electric trains. His dad also brought some track down. Jessica thought it was absolutely fabulous!!!!

She is completely glued!!!

When Daddy was trying to fix some of the trains, Jessica decided to help of course!

What David's mother spent a good portion of the weekend doing since John did not want to be put down!

What we all spent our evenings doing. Sitting with Jessica watching the first half of Cars! It is one of her new favorite movies!

Our first family photo....I know....I don't know why we didn't get one earlier either!!!!

John cried all weekend. Towards the end of the weekend David's mother suggested that John was over eating and giving himself a tummy ache! Once he started using a pacifier instead of eating all the time, he became a much happier baby and a much better sleeper!!! Who knew overeating was not a learned behavior!?!?!

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