Thursday, July 29, 2010


After me and my siblings broke a significant number of Mom's glassware, she switched over to Mason Jars because 1) They were less inclined to break when we dropped them 2) They are more difficult to tip over at the dinner table and 3) You can frequently find them for pretty cheap...especially if you find them at a yard sale! Slowly but surely, I am loosing more and more of my drinking glasses. Eventually I plan switch completely over to Mason Jars as well. For little ones, I plan to switch over to tall baby food jars! Aren't they cute??? Mini-Mason Jars!!!

One of the things that has been problematic with teaching Jessica to drink out of a glass is that her mouth is too small for many of the glasses. She started using glasses periodically at about 18 months old; however, I may start John out using a glass much earlier. Technically you could hold a glass for your child and completely avoid the sippy cup entirely. However, I must say I enjoy being able to give my kids sippy cups when I don't feel like getting juice stains out of clothes, when we are not at home, or when I would like them to feed themselves so I can do some other things! The only problem is that I don't buy baby food. I make my own. So....I am going to have to find someone to give me some more tall baby food jars.....

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