Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Few Things...

I was going to "tweet" an update, but realized I had too many random thoughts to communicate using Twitter.

1) I had to go to the doctor today (yes we have been to a doctor every day since I have been out of the hospital) because I was having pain on my lower right side. It was suggested that it might be my appendix, but apparently my pelvis is just trying to glue itself back together and I have been over doing it. Imagine that... Oh and apparently I have a hernia (that should right itself) because all of my abdominal muscles got stretched completely out of shape!

2) The newborn diaper covers I bought for baby John (which are supposed to be some of the smallest they make unless you buy preemie) do NOT fit. They are enormous!!! Of course we found this out at 1 am when we ran out of disposables! We are currently using disposables, but he tends to be a hotbox like Jessica so I do need to find something that fits better...

3) Last night John decided to wake up every couple hours. I was having that pain on my side after resting on the couch all night. David had to get up and get John for me. Neither of us got any sleep until Jessica got up at which point I got to sleep but David did not. Currently the rest of the family is napping, and I am doing my best to stay on the couch!

4) I think David is ready to return to work. Jessica loves her baby brother, but I think she is ready to have her mommy and her routine back! And I am ready to get back to being "the Keeper of our Home."

5) I just ate a large (and I mean large) chocolate brownie!

6) I "should" be addressing all of those thank you notes I wrote...

I feel great and am ready to be off the couch....our home just runs much more peacefully when I am not stuck on the couch!


  1. Oh, Amy! Bless your heart. I didn't know you were having all these problems; I'll definitely keep you in my prayers. I dread that part of post-delivery with baby number 2. I hate that "unorganized, I feel guilty for lying here, no one can do it like I can" feeling! Ugh! Prayers for you, friend!

  2. That is most definitely the part I hate the most!! I think it is because I enjoy being the "Keeper of our Home" so much! I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel though!!