Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Envibum Giveaway

My friend, Lisa was sent these diapers to review for a giveaway, but she ended up sending them to us because she had trouble with her son's chunky thighs. I have to say I am super impressed with this company! It is run by a team of Work-at-Home Moms, Dads, and Grandparents! Rachel, who started Envibum, is a mother of 3 (with a fourth due next month)! She has been sewing for 20 years and felt God calling her to create Envibum to not only help other parents cloth diaper their little ones but also to compassionately give to those in need.

In fact, $2 of every diaper sold through their company goes to organizations like: Food for the Hungry, Living Water International, Crisis Pregnancy Center, or Salvation Army. For every diaper cover sold, one is given to a mom in need. In fact, their diaper cover is designed with moms in third world countries in mind!

Obviously washing cloth diapers can be a problem if you are in an area with a very limited water supply. That is actually why the velcro used is brown. If you rinse it in muddy river water, it will not leave the diaper looking filthy! Their company is also built on a strong foundation of integrity. They are definitely a company I feel comfortable supporting with my business, and they offer high quality products using natural fibers, suitable for the most sensitive of tushies! Check out our giveaway at mommyandmegiveaways.com!

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