Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Surprises

First off, let me say Happy Mother's Day to all of the mother's out there, most especially our wonderful mothers! Let me also say that I have never had a better occupation than that of being a mother! I absolutely love my precious baby girl and our soon to arrive baby boy! I have never had a more challenging or more rewarding job....ever!

Typically, for Mother's Day we go to church, have lunch, and enjoy a quiet afternoon at home. That was NOT how Mother's Day went this year! Last night, I thought my water might have leaked. I walked around for a while and didn't notice any further leaking. We called the doctor, and he said to go ahead and get checked just to be on the safe side. We got a friend from church to watch Jessica and headed up to the hospital. We got there, and the test came out positive that my water was leaking so they admitted us, had us fill out all of the paperwork, and told us that we would have a baby on Mother's Day! That night the contractions got closer together but not close enough so they put me on pitocin. Several hours later the doctor ordered the test to be given again because he was surprised that we were not making any more progress than we were. That time the test came back negative! Apparently, the first test had been done incorrectly!!!!!

I was a wee bit annoyed because the nurse who did that test was also the one I had when I was dehydrated and put my iv in without gloves, wiped up my blood without gloves, and stabbed one of the valves in my veins so that I have had a nice bruise for weeks!!! Also the nurse we had in the middle of the night could not get the monitors adjusted so that I could sit up so I had to lay on my side or my back the entire time....which was VERY uncomfortable!!!! Not to mention....I had gotten excited about the idea of having a Mother's Day baby!

Later on I discovered that most of the patients at this hospital are induced Monday and Tuesday mornings and about 90% have an epidural, so apparently the night staff does not have a lot of experience with delivering babies, much less naturally. Overall, I liked the hospital, my doctor and the daytime nursing staff; however, I think I would prefer to deliver in the bathroom as opposed to having the night staff!!! At any rate, this morning (at 3 centimeters and 1.5 hours of bad sleep later) they took me off the pitocin and sent us home.

We went by church to check on Jessica, and our wonderful friends offered to keep Jessica this afternoon while David and I took a nap, so we went straight home and slept for several hours! Apparently Jessica had a wonderful time....she was playing Rock Band and talking up a storm when we went to pick her up!! (She apparently also refused to eat pizza and instead ate green peppers, onions, and fruit!!) We are so thankful to have so many friends that are willing to step in as family when we need them! We've had more offers than we can possibly use and that is a wonderful problem to have!

Now to enjoy what is left of Mother's Day, write some thank you notes, and contemplate some thank you gifts! :-)

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