Thursday, May 13, 2010


As you may have noticed, I have not posted much this week. I have been rather lacking in motivation since being told that we were going to have a Mother's Day baby and then finding out that we were not having a Mother's Day baby. I have also been rather uncomfortable this week....lots of contractions and now pains in my thighs followed by my legs giving out from under me....lovely! We have also been staying home a lot this last month due to heat and me not wanting to get out with a very busy two year old when my body is behaving so unpredictably! On the upside I have finished all of the projects I wanted to get done, organized all of the pictures to print and stuff into Jessica's photo albums, and gotten the house in order (not exactly clean but that is beyond my physical limitations at this point)!

I also managed to sit down and watch Food, Inc last night. I have heard a lot of people talking about it so I finally sat down and watched it. I think it is less of a commentary on the food industry and more a commentary on society at large. We have gotten to a point as a society where people prefer to relinquish responsibility for themselves and their families to other people, and when that someone else gives them less than they believe they are entitled to, then they bring a lawsuit against the individual or company that they relinquished their responsibility to! It's not the fault of capitalism, big business, the food industry, or elected officials. It is the fault of "the people." When we choose to let others make decisions for us, we should not be surprised when the decisions they make are not necessarily in our best interest. Food, Inc. and a cookbook review I was reading the other night have definitely made me excited about having more energy after baby John arrives to do more cooking from scratch and to learn more of the culinary skills we have lost in favor of convenience. I hope to be able to pass a better understanding of nutrition and how to prepare food from scratch on a shoestring budget to my children, so that they will KNOW how to safeguard their health. Knowledge truly is power.

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