Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

....so a bunch of pictures must be worth thousands of words! We have had a really great last week: a precious newborn baby boy, a fabulous big sister, lots of great friends, a nice visit from family, a birthday cake for me made by my mom, a quiet birthday lunch out with my husband (and son), and our 7th wedding anniversary!

David with both of the kiddos!

A couple pictures of baby John.

The grandparents and Uncle John came down for a visit....more grandparents coming next month!

Nice to see Dad hasn't lost his touch....he can still put a baby to sleep better than anyone I know!

Big John and Little John

Jessica spending some quality time with "PaPa"

At the Gulfarium with "PaPa," Mrs. "PaPa," and Uncle John

Jessica loves fish!!

"Helping" Uncle John tune his guitar.

"Helping" Uncle John play his guitar.

Perhaps we should look into a music class for a fun summer activity?

At the zoo with "PaPa," Mrs. "PaPa," and Uncle John, while Mom, Dad, and baby John went out for a quiet lunch for Mommy's birthday!

Feeding the animals.

Checking out the guinea pigs.

A trip to Whataburger after the zoo!

Jessica "helping" Daddy fix the draws....I think they need to go to Lowe's on a Saturday for the kid projects!

John also "helped" Daddy fix the drawers!

This was not taken today, but this is about what our first day on our own looked like! I couldn't ask for better!!

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